#ReflectionMondays: Declaring His Glory Among The Nations

“I believe that when we fully understand what the glory of God is we will desire to see it filled in all the nations as the waters cover the sea”


#ReflectionMondays: True Christian Love for Christ- Thomas Vincent

“Without love to Christ we may have the name of Christians—but we are wholly without the nature of Christians”- Thomas Vincent.

#HymnFridays: He Will Hold Me Fast

This week’s hymn comes from Keith and Krysten Getty (Arranged my Matt Merker) I mentioned it in last week’s post, and it’s been an encouraging hymn for me. Here is a quote from one of the “writers” on the inspiration behind bring the hymn back to life: “From Matt Merker: A member of our church…

#ReflectionMondays: Psalm 9&10- God’s Justice

Hey friends, happy Monday! I’m currently studying the Psalms, and this past week Psalm 9 and 10 really encouraged me. Particularly when it speaks about the poor, oppressed and fatherless as well as justice and righteousness. Here are some of my favorite excepts from Psalm 9 and 10 respectively; “But the LORD sits enthroned forever;…

#ReflectionMondays: When you feel like your faith is failing.

“almost every Christian at some point has struggled with the idea of our faith failing us, especially in recent times where many people we look up to have denounced the faith. Sometimes even the battle against sin and flesh seems so big that we can’t possibly ever see ourselves coming out as conquers. ” Read More at iamnotagoddess.wordpress.com

#ReflectionMondays: A Word from Jackie Hill Perry. 

Hey fam, this weeks reflection comes from a Facebook post from Jackie Hill Perry that I came across a couple of days ago.  It’s speaks of the tendency we have as people to take scriptures out of context especially Old Testament scriptures. I’ve been reflecting a lot on how I handle scripture even in my…

#ReflectionMondays : A Throwback Blog; Single on Valentines?

Hey Fam, today’s reflection blog is actually a throwback blog that I posted on the 14th of last year, seeing its that time of the year again, I thought i would just repost this. Enjoy 🙂 “Happy Birthday to me! And Hapyy valentines day to the rest of y’all, i know for some its not…

#ThinkingBiblicallyTuesdays: #IamFromMalawi

I was born, and raised and currently live in Malawi. A country known across Africa as the Warm heart of Africa, due to the people’s friendliness. There are MANY good things about my country that often get overlooked by the reality we face. Almost every introduction about Malawi will include the fact that we are…

#ReflectionMondays : You are my Poetry 

Happy New Year to you friends. Today’s blog is a poem I wrote that was inspired by my grandparents. Every year without them is painful, I miss them terribly. It’s not just a poem about loss but also God’s providence, I hope you can relate and feel encouraged.  You are my poetry. You are my character…


Let me start todays blog with a disclaimer, I think you should study the genealogies in the bible all the time. I’ll be the first to admit that they are not the most exciting passages of scripture sometimes usually due to the very hard to pronounce names and sometimes all these names don’t add up….