Single on Valentines? Here are somethings you could do!

Happy Birthday to me! And Hapyy valentines day to the rest of y’all, i know for some its not a very happy valentines. You single and no dates lined up and everyone is getting some good stuff but you. Today’s post will hopefully encourage you if you are single or just in general looking for ways you can serve God. I have mentioned in some of my previous posts that our period of singleness no matter how long it is, is not a period to be dreaded by rather maximized for the Glory of The Lord. Instead of just sitting there waiting for God to give you the one, why not use time to fill you thoughts and works with Godly things.

As I mentioned ealier, today is my birthday and since I am turning 21, i thought i should do a practical post with 21 things you can do serve God and grow Spiritually while you are single. Without further ado here is the list:

  1. Start and lead a bible study in your neighborhood.
  2. Serve your church by helping with cleaning and arranging the room for service
  3. Help the older ladies in the church with cleanig their homes if they are not capable of doing it on their own.
  4. Start a blog. 🙂
  5. Go for a mission trip or evangelism.
  6. Volunteer at your local charitable organisation
  7. Tutor kids at your neighborhood school.
  8. Learn how to translate Gospel materials to your local language.
  9. Pick up a new skills that can be helpful around the house. eg, learn how to bake so you can save money on bread :).
  10. Be more helpful around the house with chores.
  11. Practice hospitality.
  12. Mentor younger girls if you are a girl and fellow guys if you are a guy.
  13. study the whole bible.
  14. Read some good Christian materials. (My recommended source for good books is Christian bookstore in the Mahindra Building by Yanakis.)
  15. Teach others a skill you have.
  16. Serve in one (or more) ministries available in your church.
  17. Get to know some older people in your church
  18. Work on being more disciplined.
  19. Grow your relationships with friends of the same sex.
  20. Develop healthy relationships with friends of the opposite sex.
  21. Learn and Strive to be content in the Lord.

Grace and peace to you friends,

Happy Dee-Day!




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