In Light of *Trying* To Be More Consistent…

*Only read this blog if you’ve read the previous one*. In light of being a more consistent person, I have found that I work better with systems and routines. One of the reasons it has been hard for me to be consistent with this blog is because I dont have a system for it, I just write randomly. I would like to be a good steward of my gifts and this platform God has allowed me to have, so from now on I am going to do it more systematically.

I would like to Introduce to you:

  • #ReflectionMondays
  • #ThinkingBiblicallyTuesdays and
  • #HymnFridays

On Mondays, I will be sharing/Reflecting on what I am learning or the seasons in which God is taking me through. This will be alot like my previous blogging style, in addition I’ll also be sharing the different things (podcasts,blogs,quotes,books etc) that have inspired me during the week.

On Tuesdays, I’ll be looking at a particular topic and then look into scripture says about that topic, or a doctrine and study it systematically. This will have a more theological approach towards things.

And lastly, on fridays I will be sharing my favorite hymn of the week, I am going to include different variations of it that I like as well as stories behind it.

I am really looking forward to sharing these things with you, these are things I am particularly passionate about. I would like to hear from you, what topics would you like to see talked about on #ThinkingBiblicallyTuesdays hit me up on twitter @Iamnotagoddess.






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  1. Ucizi says:

    Looking forward! 🙂

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