#ThinkingBiblicallyAbout : Why?edition..

Hello friends, it’s Tuesday again which means it’s time for another edition of Thinking Biblically Tuesday’s!!! Today’s blog will be quite simple, We will be looking why we need to thinking biblically.
The heart of this blog series for me was to stop and think “what’s my theology about ____”. Since theology is the study of God and God has revealed himself in the scriptures I thought to call it thinking biblically. 
Another reason for the title of this blog series is that as Christians we need a biblical worldview. Everything that we decide upon or go through in life, scripture has something to say about it. And as believers we ought to care about what scripture says, it has to govern out worldview. 

As mentioned in the first blog post, a high view of scripture will lead to a high view of God. A high view of God should lead us to consider what God says about something and align our lives accordingly.
Christians are people who carry themselves “like Christ” or strive to be more like Christ, the scriptures is where we get to study the life of Christ hence the need to think biblically.
And lastly, scripture is our last authority as Christians, hence the need to know what scripture says about things in our lives so that we know what the final say is when we make decisions. 
I hope that you dear friend, will join me in this pursuit of shaping our world view according to scripture. I pray God will bless our pursuit my drawing us closer to him. 
Grace and Peace,
Sister Dee.


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