Monday + Tuesday Package: Freely Justified (Sermon Notes)

Hello family, apologies for the lack of blog activity, I was on the road and having phone troubles last week and I am back home to the usual electricity problems hence I was not able to write yesterday. I decided to combine reflection Mondays and thinking biblically Tuesdays today because they co-relate. God has been using this to encourage me of late and it also happens to be a theological topic.

Todays’s blog comes courtesy of the sermon series that our pastor has been taking us through for about a month now. It’s a series on the doctrine of Justification in the book of Romans, it has been such a blessing, encouragement and sometimes even rebuking. I did a summary of the 4-5 part sermon for easy following. I pray God will use these notes to edify you as you read.

Freely Justified (Hebrews 12 & Romans 3)

  • “Justification is a positional state in the Christian life where you are declared right before God, which leads to the process of sanctification”. Jesus is the justifier and sanctifier. Justification is God making us right before him as if we never sinned.
  • Although we have been justified, we still have besetting sin since we are still being sanctified. Besetting sin is the “sin that easily ensnares us” (Hebrews 12:1). If we are to overcome our besetting sin, we ought to look to Jesus. Lets not quit fighting besetting sin but fix our eyes on Jesus who fought to the point of death. We are encouraged to keep fighting because we havent fought to the point of death. although there are other solutions to help you fight sin, Christ is the ultimate solution.
  • Justification is entirely God’s work. “We are beggars, indeed, because God demands a righteousness we can’t produce. One, in fact, that if we could produce would nullify the grace of God and make Jesus’s death be for no purpose “- Martin Luther.
  • Understanding that Justification is God’s work apart from us means we do not quit fighting sin. Salvation is God’s work, you contribute nothing you just respond to God’s work. We should not quit on ourselves or on each other because God is still at work (sanctification) in us. God will work and be faithful for HIS names sake, Christians don’t quit because God hasn’t quit yet.
  • Just at the perfect time Christ came for us and saved us when we couldn’t do anything about our sinfulness. He came to draw us out of our sin and poured his love on our hearts. (Romans 5:5-6)

The result of Justification (Romans 5)

  • Christ is truly the prince of peace because he has brought us peace with God.
  • Christians are not crippled with the fear of death because Christ has given us peace with God.
  • We now have access to God. Although once we were outsiders now we have been brought back to God.
  • Justification is a position. The gospel puts us all in one footing with God. We don’t need a medium because Christ is our medium.
  • Romans 5:3. Christian and non Christians suffer differently, Christians glory in tribulations. When we believe in Justification by faith, we can confidently quote Romans 8:28 when we are suffering.
  • If you understand justification by faith you will believe Romans 8:31.
  • Even when believers fall, they fall into the right hand of God (not from God), because we understand that we have been justified, we get up and fight sin.
  • We are Christians because God and his grace has freely justified us.


  • Because we have been justified by faith, no one can bring an accusation on the elect. Christ is the only one that can condemn us but he doesn’t because he died for us.
  • Christianity does not say God saved me but will let me finish alone. Christianity says God is the perfector and finisher of our faith.
  • Christ is not like us Malawians, when he starts things, he finishes them.
  • The extent of the gift of grace overwhelms sin. The gospel overwhelms every sin.
  • The depth of God’s grace ends in us being justified. Grace brought us peace with God.
  • When satan brings a charge against us saying “he is a sinner” grace comes with a megaphone and screams louder before God. Grace overwhelms sin.
  • But the free gift is not like the offense. Grace is bigger and more powerful than sin. (Romans 5:15)
  • Even when we feel overwhelmed by sin, we should be overcome by the power of grace that outweighs our sin.
  • When satan brings charges against us and piles them up. Let us remember that “where sin abounded, grace abounds much more”.


Is Grace a Free Pass to Sin? Romans  6

  • Shall we continue to sin so that grace may abound? Grace is not a free pass to sin. The grace of God means that we have died to sin, that we should no longer live in it. The list of sin cannot grow any longer because Grace overwhelms/tramples the root of sin.
  • Because Christ died for our sins, we cannot be separated from the death of Christ. If we own up to our sins, we should see the death of Christ as our death. Being a Christian means we are united with Christ in his death, burial, resurrection, ascension and glorification. We share in all of these.
  • Because sin has been crucified with Christ, it no longer has power to grow, it has been destroyed. our old sinful self has been done away with. Now all we have to do is confront and fight sin, because we know Christ has already defeated it.
  • If we understand Christianity, we will understand that we can only lose our salvation if Christ loses his honor. Because we have been united with Christ.

This blog is  a summary (not the whole series) of the “freely Justified” sermon series preached by pastor Malamulo Chindongo at Antioch Baptist Church. All the notes might not be direct quotes but they are attributed to him, not me. Hope you have been blessed.

“If you despise doctrine and scripture you cannot say these things in confidence because you don’t know what you are talking about. You can say these things out of foolish confidence rather than full pursuasion”- Pastor Mala.

Grace and Peace,

Sister Dee 🙂



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  1. oddball875 says:

    Super encouraging. Pretty great summary of the series. 😊

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