#ReflectionMondays Is It Worth It?……

Hello Friends! Its Monday, which means I get to share some of my reflections and “#DeepThots” from the week that has been. Every time I look back at what God is doing I get to appreciate and be present in my life more, and not just zone out and go through the motions. Yesterday was one of those times where I am placed in a situation where I just have to reflect on what is happening.

One of the things in my life that I am thankful to God for is what I do for a living, not only do I get to do something I love but I get to do something that matters for eternity. But doing the Lord’s work for a living is not always easy (shout out to the pastors out there), and there are times where it gets hard and sometimes I take my eyes off of Christ and look at  other and think “I hope I am not wasting my time”. I will be the first to admit these are not Godly thoughts, but if I am honest there times where I question if I am really fulfilling my “purpose” and if it is all worth it.

But the LORD in his goodness does not allow me to go off track for too long, he always finds a way to encourage me whether through everyday ministry with teens, or conversations with co-labors, the encouragement comes through many ways. This week I was encouraged by a brother who was baptised at church yesterday and is also a co-laborer in ministry, this brother came to know the Lord through the ministry I am involved with.


It was such a great reminder of what the apostle Paul says in 1 Corinthians 15:58 “your labor is not in vain”, although sometimes you may never see the fruit of your labor immediately let us be encouraged that the Lord’s work in never in vain.

He causes us to “will and do good” (Philippians 2:13)  all for his good purposes, we might not know who will come to salvation through our obedience to the gospel and if anyone will come to know Christ at all. But we do know that the gospel has power to save people, but salvation is a gift from God, we ought to be faithful in sharing this power to that those whom he has elected will come to know him for “faith comes by hearing” (Rom 10:17).

But don’t get in twisted, God will bring the elect unto salvation regardless of our obedience, but if we don’t obey we rob our selves of the joy God would have given us in seeing our labor bear fruit. Even the fruit that we might only see in heaven where it will all be worth it!

Whether you are serving the Lord as you work diligently unto him on your office job, or faithfully raising your children at home, or working hard in your studies, or doing ministry vocationally the Lord honors all the work we do for him. When ever we share the gospel and do things unto the Lord (Col 3:23), we do not labor in vain, let us fix our eyes on Christ brethren so that we are not easily distracted by the things of this world or our own heart. Let us labor for the Lord for it is all worth it!

Grace and Peace,

Sista Dee!!



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