#ReflectionMondays : You are my Poetry 

Happy New Year to you friends. Today’s blog is a poem I wrote that was inspired by my grandparents. Every year without them is painful, I miss them terribly. It’s not just a poem about loss but also God’s providence, I hope you can relate and feel encouraged. 

You are my poetry. You are my character

Because of your love

I learnt how to love. 

By watching you, 

I learnt that an African house is never small. 

From your off spring,

I learn what it means to have a legacy.

From losing you,

I learnt how to hurt. 

Your absence is still a lecture on the sting of death.

You taught me it was possible to miss moments that have never existed. 

Like the affirmations that my heart longs to hear. 

That would shape the conversations about life we would share. 

The eternal I Love You’s that my ten year old self didn’t know how to utter. 

And the poems I would admonish you with. 

The new languages and words I would learn. 

So I never have to ran out of ways to express my love for you. 

It hurts not to have you around

It hurts to know the little ones will only hear about you as history.

God He gave me you 

He took you to give me himself.

And I know thats all you would have ever wanted me to learn.


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