#ReflectionMondays : Authenticity Trumps Cool!

Hey guys, it’s sort of been a while, it’s been a crazy (good crazy) couple of months. I wasn’t able to blog as much for various reasons. But we are back to normal programming. 

In the past week I have been encouraged and challenged a whole lot by the people that I have in my life. I am inspired a lot by their authenticity in how they live their Christian life. 

We live in a world where we like to publicize every good deed we do and are up to. But I’m really inspired by people who live in active obedience to Christ even thought they don’t publicize it. People who have authentic relationships with the people in their lives and share Christ with them. They will never get applauds from the world, and they don’t do it for such, but unto to the Lord who sees them. 

I’m encouraged to go into this new week, to obey Christ even when no one is watching or applauding. Do the simple things that he did with his disciples; teaching and obeying everything he has commanded.
Grace and Peace,

Dee 🙂

If you were encouraged by this, feel free to share it on the links below. And also keep in touch by leaving a comment or tweeting me @iamnotagoddess


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