#ReflectionMondays: Declaring His Glory Among The Nations

“I believe that when we fully understand what the glory of God is we will desire to see it filled in all the nations as the waters cover the sea”


#ReflectionMondays: When you feel like your faith is failing.

“almost every Christian at some point has struggled with the idea of our faith failing us, especially in recent times where many people we look up to have denounced the faith. Sometimes even the battle against sin and flesh seems so big that we can’t possibly ever see ourselves coming out as conquers. ” Read More at iamnotagoddess.wordpress.com

#ThinkingBiblicallyTuesdays: #IamFromMalawi

I was born, and raised and currently live in Malawi. A country known across Africa as the Warm heart of Africa, due to the people’s friendliness. There are MANY good things about my country that often get overlooked by the reality we face. Almost every introduction about Malawi will include the fact that we are…


Let me start todays blog with a disclaimer, I think you should study the genealogies in the bible all the time. I’ll be the first to admit that they are not the most exciting passages of scripture sometimes usually due to the very hard to pronounce names and sometimes all these names don’t add up….

Monday + Tuesday Package: Freely Justified (Sermon Notes)

Hello family, apologies for the lack of blog activity, I was on the road and having phone troubles last week and I am back home to the usual electricity problems hence I was not able to write yesterday. I decided to combine reflection Mondays and thinking biblically Tuesdays today because they co-relate. God has been…

#ReflectionMondays: Why Make Hymns Great Again?

If you are around young people, you should know by now that hymns are not as popular as they once were. I used to be one of those who found hymns “boring” and not “feeling” them, over time a lot has changed and I have come to love hymns and I wish more people sang…

Thinking Biblically About: THE BIBLE (01)

Hey fam, welcome to the first edition of the thinking biblically series, the goal is to look to the bible and see what it says about a certain subject. Today we will be looking about what the bible says about…. The Bible! I thought it wise to begin here because the bible does govern our…